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Registration Steps:

1. Enter your name and email address then click submit.

2. Upload ONE FACIAL photo per person or pet. You have the option to upload 7 photos to include friends and family. 

3. Once all photos have been uploaded click the "I'm Done Uploading Photos" button so we can process your photos.

Please do not click the back button once you have registered.

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Step 1: After registering, upload your photograph. A photo of your face contains a unique scalar light signature. This can be used to transmit and deliver scalar light energy to you.
Step 2: Using the photograph, the unique Scalar Light instrument will transmit powerful scalar light energy and will administer Scalar Energy to you. Wherever you are in the world, Scalar Energy will reach you.
Step 3: While you go about your normal daily life, three unique light energy waves will be administered to your photograph using the Scalar Light Instrument. These are known as the Spirit, Mind and Body Trinity Sessions. Scalar Energy will actively work with your body to balance the energy centers, break down unwanted substances and assemble important elements for health and wellness.

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***All free trials are available only ONE time, per individual. Any duplicate registrations will be canceled. *** If you feel you are declined in error, please contact support@scalarlight.com.

 **Note: Beginning 10/1/2019, a FACIAL photo is required for all Scalar Light trial offers.